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In December 2019, a novel coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 has resulted in the outbreak of a respiratory illness known as COVID19. As we have entered 23rd day of lockdown imposed On 24th March, 2020, through a speech made by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi for a initial period of three-week and which further is extended till 3rd May, 2020 in the whole of country. We have Centre as well as states taking measures to avoid crowding of streets, public places; and with offices, educational institutions and transportations shut, certain relaxations for movement and function of essential services were included in the Guidelines amongst other restrictions during the lockdown. Judiciary being independent body of Executive and State’s action, issued separate Circulars of its functioning. The Hon’ble Apex Court as well as High Courts of various States through various Circulars decided to take part in the Government’s initiative to fight the spread of the Global Pandemic disease thereby extending its interim reliefs granted in individual cases and automatic adjournment of the cases scheduled to be listed to avoid crowding of the Courts. However, the Judiciary as a justice delivering mechanism cannot be put to strict halt. People and circumstances would demand functioning of the machinery to grant access to the aggrieved to redress their grievances.

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